Momentarily you’re life shifts..

I grew up in London, for the first 9 years of my life and then suddenly I was moved with my mother, sister and brother to a new place. We traveled to the east midlands to a place called Leicester. I was very surprised when we moved because I was taken away from a place of comfort, a place in which I feel I belonged. Throughout life we move from lace to place and it is these experiences that make you who you are in the long run.

The furthest I have traveled was Jamaica; it was an exotic dream something you only see in the stars when you sleep at night. It was 5am we woke up to get dressed and ready for the taxi to come and take us to Gatwick airport. We waited after going through customs , check-in etc. I looked out the window and I saw planes flying high into the cloud; planes diving from within the clouds like dolphins in the see. I was scared, but had a rush of adrenaline that pumped through my body causing the fear to be hysterical. As we got our seat belts on they hostess’ showed us where the exits were in case of emergency. I stared at her, she was so elegant, structured from head to toe. With her hair pinned up in a bun, with a scarf wrapped around her neck. She had a royal blue pencil skirt on with the matching short sleeved blazer. As she sat down; all the other hostess’ sat down and put their seat belts on too. The captain spoke through the speakers like a floating voice, he told us to ‘sit back and relax as the plane was moving towards the runway.’ At this point, I was shaking; palms were sweating. I looked over at my brother and sister and they were crying, shaking too. Mum turned around and gave us all some gum. She smiled at us all knowing it was our first time flying. I could feel myself; feeling calmer knowing that I had her gaze on me. As plane grew faster in speed; it rose to the sky like a whale leaping out of the ocean. Up and down the plane went, leveling off before finally; reaching a place of balance and the shaking stopped, palms began to cool down and my fears were conquered.. for now.

The point I am making here is that you’re life shifts all the time in ways that may not be recognizable at first. Whether you’re moving to University for the time, getting a new first home, moving to another country, finding happiness in someone. Changes like these can be beneficial and although I didn’t favor the move from London to Leicester; it did benefit me in that I made new friends, lose some friends, made mistakes and grew as a person. Now my shift in life is working to save money for university and attending University. I am now at an age where my life is going in many different directions but it is up to me to stay in a good positive shift of life, rather than plummeting to the darkest of life. I have been to the darkest places in life; the move from London caused me psychological stress; not just me but my mother much more. But now, the benefits of moving to a smaller city to gain a better educational understanding and the value of knowledge and culture. Where I live it is multicultural and I get to experience some beautiful settings. I have a stepfather and a new baby sister, my life is going in a beautiful path, thriving with love, attention to perseverance and strength.



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