Losing Someone

death. A certain aspect of life we tend to fear, but some feel a sweet release when it occurs others may feel as though it is a curse given to them too soon. I myself have danced with death a couple of times and I have twice signed a pact to dance with him into the darkness. But, losing someone hurts more than anything, here is a little fictional tale i wrote inspired by my own experiences.

kisses from the one you love is like a breath of fresh air inhaled with a huge gasp of breeze. The moment these kisses became no more I was shattered by the cold harsh winds; crumbling into dust like a sandstorm. You see losing someone hurts more than you realize. It is a cold dark alley filled with multiple pains and sorrows. To lose a love is nothing that the human brain can process, but overtime you let go of that love and only remember what they left for you. In the ed, their time may not have been the way you wanted or the way they wanted but sometimes losing someone could be a new beginning for you, Finis their chapter where thy left off and you can continue your own. People lose a love, a form of happiness all the time. it doesn’t mean that everything is wrong it only means that they are now with you in spiritual bond rather than a physical vessel. 



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