Mentally, ok?

For as long as I can remember I have been lost, confused. It is something that continuously haunts me of how lost I have become. Me and my parents do not see eye to eye most of the time and it is just getting so difficult now I feel like I am crumbling and I don’t feel safe in mind or in spirit. Everyone says, ‘yeah I get depressed sometimes, who doesn’t’ and they are right to a certain degree; it does happen to everyone. In this stage of my life I only have two choices, allow my mind to be fucked by what’s ‘SHE’ is doing or I can put a smile on my face and try to work hard. But, it is easier said than done. My mood fluctuates more than I can say, my boyfriend came down to see me and have been getting agitated so much so that don’t know where our relationship is right now. Yesterday, me and Curtis went to the beach but t had got so hot that began to feel faint. I stormed off, making a scene telling him to ‘leave me alone.’ These episodes that I have driven people away from me so quickly I do not know how I even have a social media, why I have friends because my brain says, ‘NO TAMIKA NO FRIENDS, BE ALONE.’ I can hear that constantly, telling me I am unattractive, a mess, a disgrace. Come to think of it, I feel like the biggest shame and disgrace not only to my parents but, especially to my siblings, they need a leader, a role model someone they can be proud of. There is no way people can be proud of me not whilst I am like this. I miss home, I miss people who I have grown up with. I miss my mum to the core. I am heartbroken everyday by the choices I have made which have caused us to drift apart so quickly. Ever since, mum got married I felt like I had been cheated out of life because of how quickly he entered my life, I was angry because to me that meant that Dad has and had been erased. But, now I am with Curtis I guess you could say I understand what love feels like.

In this year alone, I have seen for myself what I can do and can achieve. I feel like I have also seen what a dark path my mental health has led me on. With all the modelling agency debts and the non-existing modelling career I can honestly say financially I am not ok. Mentally, I am not ok? I want to show you this a poem I wrote for my mental health and being a black British woman:

I hate what I see when I look in the mirror,

The long dark legs and the tiger stripes that ripple across my cheek.

The sleekness of my skin, the many shades of brown, frown why?

My brain is on a journey, a journey to identify the beauty in me.

The beauty in me, yeah that one.

The one I had lost so long ago, was I in the snow,

Who is to know

I lost my soul a long time ago.

What passion lies within, this frail minded being.

What remarkable gifts, lie deep inside of me.

I wish, I wish I could take one look and say damn am not she pretty.

Well Ms. Celie, Ms Celie you sure is ugly.

I hate what I see when I look in the mirror.

The constant threats of the world tumble on me.

Pushing back and forth into the emptiness of me.

I like to write poems, sometimes they are even better to read because, I can share my pain and happiness with them, like we ae having a person one to one interaction. I can’t really see a future ahead, but then again, I am depressed right now so. My boyfriend is going back to Bristol today and I am so sad, spending summer alone, spending a lot of my time alone. I wish I could pick up the phone to mum but I am scare I fucked up so badly, ruined my life and now I must choose to find a way to make sense of this world and my world.



New Form

New Form



We spend our teenage years wondering who we are and where our lives are going but the truth is we are forced to by mum and dad or school or fucking society. I grew up with the idea that you must behave a certain way or speak a certain way but I can’t act that way anymore because that is not me at all. Moving to Brighton for university has made me realise that I am a free form; a new form. People like me are a part of a small percentage of society that see life clearly, people like me end up depressed and anxious of their surroundings because we fear the form of life we see before us. But, you know what we can block it out because we are known for being very beautiful creatures who can adapt to the nature in sight. I have become one with myself and I am building my true form. I am done pretending to be something I am not for the benefits of others, I have met some beautiful people and have seen some beautiful things I have even met another life form that can follow me into the new form that I am building.

I met him three/four months ago, via the social web and it was a moment of happiness. He is like me a life form that is trying to seek the beauties of life and make the most of it all. We have been through a lot of tensions, heartache and pure bliss together and I am becoming so wrapped up in the love I want to be with him constantly. We used snap chat to converse and it turned into a blossoming lotus and I was so happy. I remember us sitting there for hours talking, babbling about anything and everything. Sometimes I look back at our conversations and smile because although some are bad, we have shown signs of an everlasting love. I have been however dealt with a lot of problems since we met. In December of this year, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I finally got the diagnosis I needed; I had been falling too much before and now I have a clear understanding of what I am dealing with. You know, that for me was heart-wrenching because for so long I dealt with my problems by slicing my skin or lying and stealing just trying to find ways of getting the attention and letting my voice be heard. I honestly, love my mother but, I hate how she and my step-father dealt with me. The narrowmindedness and arrogance seeping from their pores burnt my soul so deeply. One occasion I remember as clear as day was when my mother told me that she thought I was disgusting and slap-dash because I had sex without telling her; yes, there were times I wasn’t comfortable or even safe but, it happened and that is how life goes. People don’t believe me when I talk about what had happened to me because they think I am a liar, but I would never lie about what happened to me. I was hurt and ashamed for so long about what had happened to me, I was lost and I wish I had seen my senses and acknowledged I am beautiful and that I am a goddess, I wish I was smart enough to pat myself on the back because in this year alone I have attempted suicide three times; people may say that isn’t much but to be able to push your human instinct to one side and try to take the life away from yourself, I overdosed, tried to hang myself, tried to suffocate myself for what reason other than I needed to leave this vessel because my soul was corrupted and twisted.

I have been shunned all my life for being ungrateful or an attention-seeker but I was lost. Lost a word I use frequently because that is what I was. I look back at my life and I see a girl who was afraid, a girl who didn’t have anyone. I saw a girl who didn’t own up to her inner beauty or outer. I saw a girl trying to fit in, I saw a selfish girl someone who needed a hand when it was handed to her. I see now someone who has overcome the worst of the worst. I need to let go of my past and start to focus on the present and regain a future because I needed it and I needed myself, never mind asking others for help I needed to help myself and ask myself for help because no one knows this body, mind and soul better than I. So, thank you Curtis for being the love that made me look passed the mirror and see my true form, I thank myself for beating my inner pains and fighting my battle. Because now I have me, the only me , the new form.

to anyone reading this that is suffering mental illness, you are not a freak or a weirdo. you are you and what goes on mentally for you is a part of you. to the young people fighting within the black communities who are fighting for their place in their families because their parents do not understand trust and believe i am here and i know. i love you i really do because everyone deserves love because we were graced upon this earth to seek it, find it and share it.

People of uniqueness i beg of you to keep it flowing because by God’s grace, you are what life is about. To my sisters of color who speak their mind and speak their truths don’t be afraid because you and I are the future. I have been classed as the weirdo, the alternative black girl for too long and we need to stand up for ourselves and be strong. I love me, there is only one me so keep on living.

Momentarily you’re life shifts..

I grew up in London, for the first 9 years of my life and then suddenly I was moved with my mother, sister and brother to a new place. We traveled to the east midlands to a place called Leicester. I was very surprised when we moved because I was taken away from a place of comfort, a place in which I feel I belonged. Throughout life we move from lace to place and it is these experiences that make you who you are in the long run.

The furthest I have traveled was Jamaica; it was an exotic dream something you only see in the stars when you sleep at night. It was 5am we woke up to get dressed and ready for the taxi to come and take us to Gatwick airport. We waited after going through customs , check-in etc. I looked out the window and I saw planes flying high into the cloud; planes diving from within the clouds like dolphins in the see. I was scared, but had a rush of adrenaline that pumped through my body causing the fear to be hysterical. As we got our seat belts on they hostess’ showed us where the exits were in case of emergency. I stared at her, she was so elegant, structured from head to toe. With her hair pinned up in a bun, with a scarf wrapped around her neck. She had a royal blue pencil skirt on with the matching short sleeved blazer. As she sat down; all the other hostess’ sat down and put their seat belts on too. The captain spoke through the speakers like a floating voice, he told us to ‘sit back and relax as the plane was moving towards the runway.’ At this point, I was shaking; palms were sweating. I looked over at my brother and sister and they were crying, shaking too. Mum turned around and gave us all some gum. She smiled at us all knowing it was our first time flying. I could feel myself; feeling calmer knowing that I had her gaze on me. As plane grew faster in speed; it rose to the sky like a whale leaping out of the ocean. Up and down the plane went, leveling off before finally; reaching a place of balance and the shaking stopped, palms began to cool down and my fears were conquered.. for now.

The point I am making here is that you’re life shifts all the time in ways that may not be recognizable at first. Whether you’re moving to University for the time, getting a new first home, moving to another country, finding happiness in someone. Changes like these can be beneficial and although I didn’t favor the move from London to Leicester; it did benefit me in that I made new friends, lose some friends, made mistakes and grew as a person. Now my shift in life is working to save money for university and attending University. I am now at an age where my life is going in many different directions but it is up to me to stay in a good positive shift of life, rather than plummeting to the darkest of life. I have been to the darkest places in life; the move from London caused me psychological stress; not just me but my mother much more. But now, the benefits of moving to a smaller city to gain a better educational understanding and the value of knowledge and culture. Where I live it is multicultural and I get to experience some beautiful settings. I have a stepfather and a new baby sister, my life is going in a beautiful path, thriving with love, attention to perseverance and strength.